A special thank you to Scott Stantis from the Birmingham News for permission to use his cartoons,

to John Sellers and Harry Bliss, Pippin Properties, for the use of the Harry Bliss cartoon,

and to Bill Griffith,, for permission to use the Zippy strip "Demanding Child".

The jet stream image under Starting Points is used with the permission of Roy Spencer at

Thank you to the authors who graciously responded to requests to include their stories (in alphabetical order):  James L. Cambias, Nancy Kress, Elizabeth Malartre, Vonda N.McIntyre, David Alexander Smith, and Norman Spinrad.

Thank you as well to Dr. Renee Hobbs, Temple University Media Education Lab, for her comments and support. 

The award t-shirt "Visionary in Residence" design was by John Kovach,  The design was the winner of the 2005 Viridian movement contest; it was used courtesy of Mr. Kovach and with the permission of the Viridian Movement,  

Identification of Poster Photos, from top left:

Traffic jam in Lagos, Nigeria, used by permission from the Nigerian Village Square, 

Downtown traffic (including bicycles) in Beijing, China, photo by Roel de Gama, the Netherlands 

Wind farm in Altamont Pass (established more than 20 years ago), California, stock photo

Nuclear power plant, stock photo, BBC

Solar power plant array, stock photo, BBC

A solar passive design house in Australia, part of the Sustainable House Day annual community event organized by the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society,, photo courtesy ANZSES –

Organic thin film semiconductor, photo from Georgia Institute of Technology

Coal power plant, stock photo

Suburban sprawl in former farmland north of Albany, New York, photo from EarthImagery

Two men conferring at Montreal Conference on 2003 Kyoto Accord, photo from Vieux-Montreal

Hurricane Katrina NOAA-17 satellite imagery, photo from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Space Science and Engineering Center


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